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Scale Fountain

Marriott Ashbourne Hotel

Water features are often a key feature in hotel entrance, lobby or restaurant and offer a pleasant ambience. This features however are prone to scale, rust deposits or bateria forming. Merus provides a low maintenance method to ensure they remain clean and looking good. This was the case with the Marriott Hotel at Ashbourne has a lovely water feature in the lobby arrear. Unfortunately the amount of lime scale in the water is very high, so the glass and metal edging was spoilling the feature.


Picture 1

Marriott Letter

Picture 2

Problem:- The site was experiencing bad scale problems on fountain in reception area 

Solution:- A 2.5” Bio Merus ring and 1“ Bio Merus ring was fitted on the cold water supply to fountains

Results:- After only one weeks of fitting the Merus ring customer had noticed a difference in the lime scale build up. By the third week it had all disapeared, they drained and refilled the systems but no lime scale returned.

Picture 1 shows the hotel

Picture 2 shows the letter written by the maintenance manager.

Picture 3 shows the water fountain itself.

Comments:- The letter speaks for itself and shows how Merus works.



Picture 3

Scale in hot water pump

Scale in Calorifier

Scale in fountain

Scale in lime dosing line

Scale in steam generator

Scale domestic household

Scale in ship evaporator


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