what fails first
seal or bearing ?

Ensuring the correct seal for the Job!

With our partnered Seal manufacturers we are able to ensure quality supply 

With over 75 years of combined knowledge CC marine is not only able to supply quality mechanical seals but ensure seals are fit for the application

Seal Identification

Seal Supply

Seal Refurbishment

Seal Failure Analysis

Seal Identification

Our seal engineers are able to identify and supply the correct mechanical seals for your application. As most mechanical seals are available either ex stock or within two working days (UK) we are able to avoid the delays that are usually caused by long lead times, and therefore bring your pump back online sooner.

Our team is able to identify your seal by following methods

Physically checking the seal you bring or sent to our office


Photographs of the seal and key dimensions

Using details of pump and application

Seal Supply

CC Marine has a comprehensive database of over 100,000 mechanical seals records for pump and compressor types in the marine market. 

We are able to identify and supply the correct mechanical seals for your job. Thus saving the need to strip your pumps before you order the mechanical seals.

ON stock

Some of the types of seal we can supply:-

CC Marine carries extensive stock on site to allow same or next day delivery.

Also we have suppliers able to despatch regularly allowing us on non stock seals to often offer short lead times of 2-4 days despatch


 Burgmann , Vulcan, John Crane, Flexibox, Cyclam, Sealol, Pillar, Eagle and Roton mechanical seals

Seal Refurbishment

In some cases the cost of a replacement seal is extortionate. We offer a refurbishment service based on the work to be done not a percentage rate. Hence you have an “AS NEW” seal at the fraction of the cost.

the process :-

On receipt we:


Assess the seal

and advise if possible to


We then

lap the faces to one Helium light band

Replace elastomers and o-rings

Clean and polish metal components

Seal Failure Analysis

Often seal fail prematurely this can be due to many reasons such as mechanical failure like bearings etc.

However a poorly specified seal may fail due to incorrect materials for application

In consultation working as a partnership with you we analyse the application then we carry out a post mortem on the seal. 

We then work with the seal manufacturers to develop a robust and reliable replacement seal.

Failed seals:-

Rotary damage


Stationary damage


Oring and Elastomer damage


Here to help solve your problems.

Allowing your seal to last longer

Reducing down time


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