Water treatment-ecofriendly

Water treatment without chemicals against limescale, corrosion and biofilm in pipes and systems.


The solution that stops earth polution

Merus is the perfect solution for all your problems with scaling, corrosion, biofouling and marine growth. This unique technology, which  consists of a ring installed around the pipes in question, gives off molecular oscillations, that disturbs the limescale, rust, bacteria, algae, etc. 


It can be used for all types of water applications  such as seawater, freshwater and even wastewater. The result is that substances are flushed away leaving water lines and applications mostly free of harmful build-up and bringing them back to high performance levels.


& Struvite

Corrosion and Rust

Bio Fouling


Limescale build up

In a dissolved form, lime scale and corrosion as well as other salts can be found in almost any water. Calcite, is the main cause of scale and is the most common form of calcium carbonate which occurs naturally as an ingredient of Chalk, Limestone and Marble

For every 6 mm of lime scale build up, 40% more energy is used.

Removing deposit in heat exchanger plates:-

Evaporator cleaned of deposits

Before Merus ring fitted


After Merus ring fitted


Before Merus ring fitted


After Merus ring fitted


Hotel water feature

 “I was (a) sceptic at first….. after a week I could actually see the lime scale dissolving and after the third week all lime scale disappeared totally”— 

Corrosion and Rust

Rust or Iron oxide is often found in steel or iron pipe work, or system with iron components. This leads to poor water quality, high maintenance costs, or premature failure of equipment

Rust and corrosion what happens!

Steam boiler without merus then afterwards

graph showing iron content at tap after Merus

After installing the Merus Ring, the existing corrosion will be stopped or strongly reduced. The rust is automatically removed downstream the point of installation. The solved rust is carried with the liquid. Once the rust is removed from e.g. a pipe, a layer of magnetite is automatically forming on the inner surface.

After 8 weeks the iron content dropped from well above the recommended 200 mirco gram of Iron per litre  to well below. 

Bio fouling - Algae- Mussel growth

Algae can be found in open systems, such as cooling towers, fountains or ponds, and it will proliferate primarily in warmer surroundings. Mussel growth can block an cause short intervals between maintenance.

EXamples of merus success:-

Heat exchanger before and after MERUS-

As MERUS is able to run water systems with TDS greater than 10,000 without any problems. Systems with MERUS can easily realise COC of 20 or 30 without the need of chemicals. Depending on the quality of the feed water, our customers are reporting of saving almost 50% of their water needed for cooling, by reducing the blow down/bleed off

Merus success on dead leg of piping system before and after ring fitted for several months

Merus working on Mussel grown on sea water inlet

Legionella and Bacteria

Water suppliers provide water, free of micro biological contamination, however press reports indicate that Legionella is being identified and organizations are at risk of contamination.

Refrigeration compressors

Heat exchangers

“The MERUS ring was fitted on our pool……. and reduced costs by between 40-50%”

Swimming pool tiles after Merus fitted >>>>>

“water analysis showed presence of bacteria……. in the second month after installation of the MERUS Rings water analysis showed a heavy reduction in bacteria”

After 6 weeks Legionella count drops drastically and remains low – reading taken by water testing company 

Fighting legionella without chemicals

Against these microbiological problems we developed a special device. Our Merus Ring Bio is responsible for many good results against legionella and other bacteria. In the first weeks after the installation the amount of microorganisms in the water goes down about 80%. Afterwards this development is slowed down but goes on continuously. Depending on the complexity of the system it can take some months until there are no microorganisms in the pipe anymore. But the solution is sustainable – the success stays stable.

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