Cavitation or Electrolysis Problems?

Our skilled engineers are able to advise on a solution including repair, refurbishing (including pitch, blade and balancing)

Returning your prop back to maximum efficiency and looking new

Repair and refurbishment

Replacement propellers

Repair and refurbishment of Propellers

Our skilled craftsmen will assess the condition of your propeller and advise

Then they with repair as necessary ensuring blade thickness, area and pitch is correct

Then ensure the balance is correct

1. Before assessment                                  2. Repair and build up blade          3. Finished Blade balanced and pitch corrected  

No 1 Before work
No 2 repair
No 3 Finish product

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Replacement Propellers

If your blades or propeller are beyond repair we should be able to source high quality replacements with appropriate certification where required

Larger Vessels

Smaller boats

Contact us to see if we can help you

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