A professional solution for drying clothing and PPE

Personal protective equipment is used day in day out, intensively, and in greatly varying temperature and weather conditions. This results in wet and cold clothes and footwear. To start the next shift in comfortable attire, Toptrock ingenious drying systems have become indispensable.

Using a high velocity digital air blower Warm air is blown through stainless tube to the garments drying from the inside without damaging it!


Originating from a need in the Austrian Ski industry. Toptrock designed a flexible drying system to facilitate the drying of equipment and clothing. Due to its success different version of this flexible system are likely to be found in many Ski resorts not only in Austria, but Switzerland, Italy and France. It soon became apparent there was an opportunity to extand this idea to workwear and personal protective equipment 





A warm air blower Ventilates 200,000 litre of warm air at 38oC per hour.

Through stainless steel pipe work to small jets that push the air out into the inside of the garment.

Drying from the inside out at a temperature that does not ruin the item.

Low energy 1.3kw Blower. 230v Only 34.2p a day (based on 7.25p per kW/h)

Only heats the difference between ambient temperature and the 38oC

Guaranteed for 2 years or 5000 hours operating time.

Usual life span 10,000-15,000 hours

Easy filter change

Modular design

Special racks for :-  Boots, Gloves,  Jackets, Trousers,           Overall, Hats

Made from stainless steel 304 or 316 depending on application

Interchangeable frames

Free standing, cabinet or wall mount

10 year guarantee

Combi System

Cabinet systems

Wall mount

Floor Mount

Combi Systems

The patented TOP TROCK COMBI dryer enables a fast and careful drying of jackets and boots. Warm air is conducted through continuous stainless steel tubes and emerges via nozzles. This ensures a careful and efficient inside drying and prolongs the lifespan of the materials by 2-3 times.


Combi configurations:-

easy to fit

For up to 8 jackets and 8 pairs of boots

Available for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 people

Ideal as wardrobe-system, e g. to dry your staffs outerwear and boots or for middle-sized companies and even private homes

TOP TROCK warm-air blower GF 900

230 Volt ~ 1300 Watt

The TOP TROCK warm-air blower meets the requirements of the law on safety of electrical equipment

TÜV proofed and CE certified optionally available with timer

Guarantee on the warm-air blower GF 900 2 years or 5000 operating hours

Guarantee on the panel 10 years 

With nozzles in the continuous, parallel tube coils 

Made from stainless steel 304 (1.4301) (also available in 316) 

Robust and nearly indestructible 


Numerous extensions possible


Our systems are designed for an easy do-it-yourself assembly. The required mounting material (e.g. dowels and screws,…) is included in delivery. For more complex systems, connections in different colours make the assembly easier



Cabinet Systems

The Toptrock system can be supplied in metal cabinet painted in grey or RAL colour of your choice


Variety of configurations:-

easy to configure

Quick release garment hangers allow you to change the layout

Change usage by buying different hangers


Same Guarantees as for motors and hangers as Combi systems


Cabinet available in Grey as Standard, RAL colours of your choice available.



Wall Mount Systems

The Toptrock wall mount systems can be custom built to your available space and configuration.


customisable for your needs

easy to configure

Easily configured for your available space 

Even that small cupboard you do not use !

Separate boot and glove panels if required instead of hanger version


Floor Mount Systems

Free standing systems designed to your specification

Plug in


Some available as wheeled versions

Other options:-

Inverted systems for one piece suits

Chemical cleaning systems

Specialist equipment racks

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